Anonymous: What defines your lens on the world? What drives you?

For the most part, if and when you’re taking a photo it really isn’t for any another sake but to take a photo.  It’s a fleeting act of ephemeral lasting.  And that’s as things should be, I believe, for the most part.  Yet, there’s this other conversation happening along the sidelines of photo fads like instagram or 110 film, whether you’re blessed to be aware of it or not.  It’s talks between Stieglitz and Evans, Capa and Nachtwey, Arbus and La Chapelle, Goldin and Hido.  The giants speak louder in these conversations than we do and for the most part it’s simple banter.  But you can’t help but listen if you understand the language.  The talk could be described as only happening between ‘artists’, but those viewpoints are from the outside looking in.  My interests in photography starts there.  I’m interested in having a talk with those giants, for the most part.


5 March 2013  /  1 note
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